Pricing policy

Our policy is to keep prices as low as is economic. Most of our products come from overseas, either from the USA or from other countries that bill in US dollars.

Rather than set a price for items that has enough scope to account for changes to exchange rates we prefer to vary our prices to reflect our actual costs. We believe this is a fairer way to treat you, our clients.


Many people question the difference between US and Australian prices. The sad fact is that as at November 2015 the exchange rate between the US and Australian dollars means the Australian dollar is worth about 32% less than the US dollar. That is a product costing $1,000 in the US would cost $1,320 in Australian dollars.

Unfortunately that is only part of the story as freight costs from the USA are huge and they too have to be paid for in US dollars.

When you order from us, unless you are close enough to collect your goods we have to arrange to freight them to you. This is why it is not feasible to sell direct from this site. Please use the contact us form and request a quote for anything that interests you. Do not forget to include your address. You can often save freight cost by collecting from a depot in a town near you. We will advise when we quote.

Freight costs

What many people do not realise is that most freight is calculated on what is known as the cubic weight principle. This means that the carrier decides what a standard 1 cubic metre package is deemed to weigh. They then take the size of each container as a percentage of a cubic metre and multiply by the cost per kg from start to finish of the journey. If the item weighs less than the calculated weight you pay for the calculated rate. But if it weighs more, you pay for the actual weight. There are usually some fixed costs added as well.

International Freight

With international freight importers are faced with many choices. We can import by sea or by air. We have to organise to get freight from the factory to the port or airport. Typically freight from the USA by sea takes at least 3 times longer than air freight. The rates per kilogram are less than the rates for air transport. There is however a catch. Most shippers use the cubic weight principle and deem a cubic metre to weigh between 1 tonne and 1.2 tonnes. Air freight operators also use the cubic weight principle. The cost per kilogram is much higher than what the shippers use but the air operators usually deem a cubic metre to weigh between 300 and 400 kilograms. As you can see it is very hard to make comparisons. Air freight operators also have some extra charges like administrative costs at the departure airport and the receiving airport and even an admin fee whilst in the air. Both sea and air operators also charge fees for inspections and loading and unloading.

As if this wasn’t enough we also have to pay to get the goods delivered from the port or airport.

Australian Freight

The freight from us to you is individually quoted for each shipment. We are constantly looking for better and cheaper providers.

Generally Australian freight carriers deem that a cubic metre weighs between 180 kg and 350 kg. But then they all charge different costs, both fixed and per kg, so it is not easy to find the best price. We regularly check with freight brokers and conduct our own surveys to find the best deals. Brokers will quote a price that ranges from the cheapest to 15 times that price. Often one carrier may quote many prices according to what priority your shipment gets.

Price List

Each of our pages contains the pricing for the relevant items on that page. Below are price lists for all items in case you find that more a more convenient reference. All prices are shown in Australian dollars and exclude packing and freight from Clearvueoz to you. Please email us to get a complete quotation for your needs.


Price list Assemblies

ItemDescriptionPrice in dollars (Aus)GST in dollars (Aus)Cost excluding delivery in dollars (Aus)
CVMAXCVMAX including motor excluding filters3,334.55345.453,800.00
CV1800CV1800 including motor excluding filters3,080.00308.003,388.00
Filter KitFilter kit for CVMAX or CV1800 includes 2 filters and joining clamp with a 90 degree transition excludes clean out box. Only available when purchased with a machine in 1 transaction1362.73136.271499.00
CV06-19CV06-19 Mini complete No cart295.4529.55325.00
CV06-19BCV06-19 Cyclone and body235.4523.55259.00
CV06-19CCV06-19 cart62.736.2769.00


Price list Accessories

ItemDescriptionPrice in dollars (Aus)GST in dollars (Aus)Cost excluding delivery in dollars (Aus)
Air quality monitorPro quality air monitor with pc interface658.9059.90599.00
Blast Gate150mm Clear Blast Gate40.683.6936.99
Bridge Clamp 4"100mm Bridge clamp 5.850.535.32
Bridge Clamp 6"150mm Bridge clamp 7.190.656.54
FilterWynn Flangeless Nano Filter875.0079.55795.45
Filter clean out boxClearvue clean out box for filter stack22020.00200.00
Flexible Hose 6"150mm Flexible hose sold by the metre45.764.1641.60
Flexible Hose 4"100mm Flexible hose sold by the metre38.283.4834.80
Transition 9090 degree transition for use with filters20919.00190
Transition 1 -2 Plain1 150mm to 2 100 mm transition no gates129.0011.73117.27
Transition 1 - 2 with gates1 150mm to 2 100 mm transition with 2 100mm gates154.0014.00140.00
1 - 3 VFDsingle phase to 3 phase VFD465.0042.27422.73
3 - 3 VFD3 phase to 3 phase VFD485.0044.09440.91
RCA 10Remote control with cut-out switch199.9518.17181.78
RCW RORemote control standard118.1411.81129.95
RC WTO 1 eachFixed remote transmitter 1 - 4 price is per unit97.958.9089.05
RC WTO 5 5+ purchaseFixed remote transmitter 5+ price is per unit89.958.1781.78
RC KF 1 eachKey fob transmitter 1 - 4 price is per unit64.955.9059.05
RC KF 5 5+ purchaseKey fob transmitter 5+ price is per unit59.955.4554.50


Price list Spare Parts

ItemDescriptionPrice in dollars (Aus)GST in dollars (Aus)Cost excluding delivery in dollars (Aus)
CVMAX Blower HousingBlower housing for CVMAX includes Motor mounting plate599.0054.45544.55
CVMAX ImpellerImpeller for CVMAX including taper bush799.0072.64726.32
CV1800 Blower HousingBlower housing for CV1800 includes Motor mounting plate565.0051.36513.64
CV1800 ImpellerImpeller for CV1800 including taper bush735.0066.82668.18
CVMAX Cyclone Body onlyCyclone body for CVMAX2029.50184.501845.00
CV1800 Cyclone Body onlyCyclone body for CV18001842.50167.501675.00
Cyclone Mounting plateHanging plate for cyclone assembly and motor210.0019.09190.91
Motor3KW 3 Phase motor424.9938.63386.36
Straight outlet transition203mm Straight outlet transition for use without filters165.0015.00150.00