What does Clearvueoz do?

We are here to help you control and collect dust.

Dust can be the greatest threat to your health if you work or play in a dust creating environment.

We are the Australian and New Zealand distributor for Clearvue Cyclone products from the USA.

 What does Clearvueoz supply?

We supply the entire range of Clearvue Cyclone Products applicable to this area.

We supply complete systems such as CVMAX, CV1800 and CV06 Mini as well as Clearvue parts and accessories.

There are a few items that are not quite the same as those offered in the USA because of the difference between the two countries electrical system. For example we use a different but equivalent motor. At present we do not have a bin level sensor because the US model will not work here.

We sell a range of supporting products including motors, VFDs (Variable Frequency Devices or speed controllers) and the Ezi-duct range of ducting and accessories. We are also developing a small range of specially designed products to complement your dust extraction and collection system.

Unfortunately, because our products need to be shipped to you and freight varies so much depending on how it is sent and where you live or work it is not feasible to sell directly from this website. Please use the contact us form and request a quote for anything you are interested in. Do not forget to include your address.

Contact us

There is a contact form available on this page Contact Us


We operate from 157 McKenzie Street Dayboro Qld 4521

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